Date posted: 2/16/19
Location: FL

Y'all please give a warm welcome to our newest foster sweetie pie, Molina. Nine-year-old Molina was tearfully surrendered to FBRN when her owner no longer had the resources to care for her. Prior to living with her surrendering owner, Molina was owned by a backyard breeder. 

This sweet little lady is in need of some TLC and has a few medical issues that we are getting in check. She came to us with a severe UTI and what our vet described as a "Zen garden of bladder stones." What? Ow! This poor thing! She is scheduled to have surgery for the stone removal very soon. She also has a history of seizures and possibly some ear issues that we are determined to resolve. 

Molina's foster mom is working hard to get this little girl back in good health but Molina sure could use some extra pennies in her piggy bank to help pay for all of her medical expenses. If you would like to sponsor Molina, help rid her of her "Zen garden", and get her on her way to the available page and a happily-ever-after, just click on the link next to her sweet mug shot. She sends you all lots of love and Frenchie kisses too!


A little help for beautiful Molina. Feel better soon. Denise Belair

Jeannine Prince