Date posted: 12/28/17
Location: New York

Say hello to the sweetest gal, Mocha! Currently, Mocha is suffering from an unknown injury or medical issue with her back legs. She was surrendered to FBRN knowing she would get a chance at a full life with us. This little pied beauty is 4 years old and a retired mommy of 2 litters. We’re thrilled to help her through this new adventure of finding her forever home.

Mocha will get a full veterinary evaluation soon and we’ll have more to report on her health. For now she’s settling into her foster home. We think she’ll get used to all the pampering pretty quickly! Mocha may need some house training and she seems to need food that is easy to chew. She can’t traverse stairs, but she loves being outside…even in the snow! Mocha’s foster mom tells us that she is a full of life kinda gal who also loves to snuggle into very crevice she can cuddle herself into!

Please help us welcome Mocha into the FBRN family and get her back to being 100% healthy! If you’d like to help, consider becoming her sponsor. Mocha could use some encouraging words as she begins her new journey. Thank you!


Luiza Grimberg

Happy New Year Mocha! With lots of love, Pork & Beans.