Date posted: 2/11/17
Location: TX

Boy, are we glad Mike made it into the care of FBRN! At only 2 years old, this young chap has had it rough. His right eye was removed when he was just a puppy, and he can't see out of his left. He is severely underweight as he was kept in a cage in a garage to be bred. Thankfully his original owner gave him to a couple who then surrendered him to FBRN. We believe Mike will transform before your eyes in the presence of unconditional love in his foster home. He arrived without anything but scars, scabs, puncture wounds and, of course, hope, so please consider donating some or all of your tax refund this year to his care. Just click on his picture and send him some words of encouragement for his new journey. Thank you!




Teresa Caudle

Oh you poor boy Mike. Thank goodness you are now in the hands of FBRN. Deb, Max and Gigi

To: Sweet Mike from Texas, with Love, Marianne

Hope you get to feeling better soon Mike. Love keeping up with you. Shea Gros

Jessica Stock

Louisa Stephens Vry

Stephen Miller

Mike, you touched my heart the very first time I saw you! Can't wait to see you flourish in the hands of FBRN! -Tammy Wilsford

For Mike! May your future days be filled with nothing but love and kindness! Shaunelle Eckman

Mike you deserve a good home !!! Frenchie kisses coming your way. Kristy Quinn

I am sponsoring Mike because I am so moved by his story- no dog should go through what he has been through. I pray that he is able to find a home where he is spoiled with unconditional love and all the treats and belly rubs he could ever want. Katherine Kersten

Mary McClave

Mike in Texas big hugs and love from fellow frenchie, Pinot. Xoxo  Melissa Giamberardino

Sending love your way, Mike!  Lauren McCord


For Mike, just because. Sallie & Bug

melanie medeiros

To Mike our FBRN Valentine recipient! Hoping you feel better quickly and find the loving forever home that you so deserve! Love, Chewy and Daya

For sweet Mike, whose story breaks my heart. Thank goodness you've found your way to FBRN, you're in good, safe hands now honey! With lots of love from the Phillips family.

From CeeCee

Hey Mike, hopefully you will be feeling much love. Michael Tillger

For Mike..I hope you guys can help turn this dog around!!!Scott Hatland

This gift probably doesn't make a difference, but it's a little something from me that = a bug hug. Dennis Wolfe


My heart broke when I saw your photo, Mike. Jemellee Santos

Heather Trainer

We hope you start feeling better real soon, Mike! Your friends Clovis and Byron and their mom and dad.

Tegan Smithers

Dear Mike, I hope you find the love and care you deserve. Speedy recovery to you, sweet boy! Pelageya A Kostenko

Get well soon, Mike. Tammy Clemens

Katie McElhannon

Hope you get better soon Mike! Love, Tallulah and Tabitha (FBRN grad)

This donation is for frenchie Mike in Texas. Sending him all the love in the world. Olivia Hope

Suzanne Dieter

Get better sweet boy- the Pancoes

Good luck, happy recovery. Here's to a better life. Hope you guys find him a good home. Bill Colantuoni

Abigail Russell

This is for you "Magic" Mike! My Frenchie Hazel and I are so glad you found yourself in the hands of the French Bulldog Rescue Network and we're wishing you all the happiness, treats, puppy cuddles, toys and love in the world once you find your new forever home! No sweet innocent animal should ever have to endure what you've been through, but it's through the work of wonderful organizations like this that you can be brought back to life, treated the way you should be treated, and loved. Kyle Schmitz

Saw Mike on IG..wish it was more. Jennifer Preston

Mark Shields

Jan Dyer

I love Mike! Russell Pickering

Please use this for Mike in TX- so happy he is finally getting some love. Mechell Smith

Feel better soon, Mike! Here's to a speedy recovery. Jackie Garcia

Fight like a Frenchie, Mike!!! Love, Cherie the Surf Dog & Ace the Amazing Bat-Hound

I know Mike will transform before our eyes. I hope this helps. Michele Rawas

alejandro martinez

Raffaella Askic

Paula DiVincenzo


Mike, I'm giving yew my Valentimez munny tew help yew git bedder an have a good life. Hang in there, buddy, it'z gunna be OK. xoxoxo Bizzy & Momma in Buffalo

Tami Delzenero

You're in the best hands, Maggie, Dobby, Bessie

As a young pup, I hope you feel safe, nurtured and loved, from this day forward. Jennifer Gariepy

a little something for Mike :) Erika Ospina

Hope you make a quick turnaround, Mike! Sorry that there are humans out there who would treat you the way that you were treated. :( George Probst

Get better little dude. You have a great life ahead of you. Xoxo. Tamera Haney

Jerome Keeley

Hugs to this little guy from NJ! Christie Nelson

Cyrina Cyr

Samantha Maurer

Chelsea Haines

Alicia Powell

Mike, you've had a hard life for a young puppy and you deserve better! You are adorable and I hope you get well soon! Laura Price

Monica Arranaga

Courtney shively

Jennifer Duncan

Mike we are praying for you to find a loving forever home. We hope you feel better soon. Natalie, Jazzie and Mya

Jana Petrosini

Get well soon lil buddy. catherine wells

Mike, I'm a Frenchie rescue with one eye named Napoleon. (It hasn't cramped my style with the ladies, don't worry.) I'm also deaf. I know how you feel so I'm sending you a few bucks to cheer you up while your new family finds you. Love, Napoleon

Please put this donation towards care of Mike and his medical needs. Thank you, Shirin

Hope your "new" life is filled with the love and attention you so deserve! Jackie and Jerry

Costanza Suozer

We want to send Mike same Love and Hugs from us in Sweden. Elaine and the gang of Frenchies

It breaks my heart to see dogs like Mike. I don't make much, but Mike deserves a chunk of it. He needs it more than I do today. Brittany Petty

joshua moore

We can't wait to see your happy face Mike! Get Better bud! Love Lola Bean and Frankie Dean

Michele Moosman

With love from Tracey & Doug (and FBRN angel, Jake). xoxo  

Dear Mike, You have truly touched our hearts. You are in good hands now and can expect a life of peace, love, confidence, snuggles, treats and warmth. I am sending my allowance money because I luv you. ~Josie (Josepha) Straume Schaeffer, FBRN Grad

get better Mike!! Brittney Jakubiak

Bobbie Sue Brown

Hi Mike. Be strong little guy. Life is going to get so much better! Love, kisses and snuggles, me and my dogs Cinder and Diamond. Katherine Smith

Precious Mike. We hope this helps to get you healthy and in to your forever soon ! Our prayers are that you'll be loved, spoiled and happy for the rest of your days ! Keep FLAF'n sweet boy !! Love your friends at Fiesty Frenchies. 

Can't wait to see you better, sending you lots of kisses little man xx. Brittany Roe

Welcome Mike. Katherine Brockman

Sweet Mike, My prayer for you is that you have unconditional love. Victoria Straub

greg stanley

Please use this donation for Mike in Tx. I'm thankful for the FBRN and it's benevolent foster volunteers. Mike is now in loving hands. Amie Park

Mike- here's a little help to get you back on your feet. Your picture melts my heart-you deserve loads of love and I know FBRN will help you find your forever person to love and protect you! Sally Snead

Donation for Mike - You are in good hands! I hope you feel better soon! Thinking of you in VA! Mary Hendrickson

Cindy Kaczmarek

Mike, FBRN will take good care of you, we should know we are FBRN Grads! Lucy and Rosie Best

For sweet Mike. Get better soon! Sally and family

Kisses sweet Mike! Niki and Eidie

shelly brown

Please use this to help Mike! Dana Williams

Sending good thoughts your way Mike- feel better- June, George & EB

Leticia Bermudez

For Mike, with love. Andrew Court

Rin & Crew

Mike, we hope you get strong and healthy soon so you can go to your forever loving home! Luv, Milva, Chris and Madison

One of the strongest frenchies we've seen! #FrenchieStrong! -From your frenchie brother Lou The Frenchie Pig

Please apply to care for sweet Mike. From Harper and Remy, Frenchies in Illinois.

greg stanley

Sending so much love your way, you handsome boy! Oxoxoxox Amanda

shawn hildebrand

Nicole Young

Good Luck Buddy - Greg

Get better soon Mike! Kate Benbow Hebbert

It's smooth-sailing from here made the long and hard journey to FBRN! Congrats and best wishes for a speedy recovery :) May your well-deserved forever home be just around the corner. XOXO J&K

Hope this helps you handsome stud muffin. Sending positive vibes and much love your way from Moose the frenchie

For Mike! Get better little one. Duane Simmons

What a sweet boy! Best of luck to you Mike!! John Pace

Sara Speaker McBee

Jean Conrad

For dear little Mike. You are in good hands! Byers Ellen

Shivani Sahi

For Mike! Get well soon sweet boy! Allie Vidalin

Mike, you're super special and loved. Maryam Nikroo

Mike I'm praying for you to have full recovery. You are a special boy. Love, The Kern Family

Amanda Rothrock

matthew horton

Aja says get better soon Mike. If you are ever in PA, come see me and my mommy! Beth Dodson

Kisses Mike. judeann smith

In loving memory of my dear Frenchies, Uncle Jack and Bahama. Dear Mike, hoping you get all fixed up and find your forever home very quickly.  Crystal Bead Bazaar

Better days my little friend. greg stanley

For hospice dogs and those who love them. And love and blessings to Mike on his recovery. Dian Cagle

Mulligan and I are wishing you a speedy recovery, Mike! Katherine Plante

Mike. Hoping the rest of your life is as beautiful as you are. Annie, Tara & Frannie Lou

For little Mike! Connie Hong

Robyn Swanson

Monica Arranaga

Hope you get well soon. Robert Contreras

XOXO Nicole Black

For Mike in Texas. Best wishes! Brian Baxendale

For Mike. We are so glad you are in good hands and getting all of the love and care you deserve.  Love, Megan, John and Remy the Frenchie

Feel better soon Mikey! XOXO Reyna Klesh

For Mike, Get better soon, sweetheart! ~ Love, The Hildebrands

Mollie Sam

Denise Wallace

Irina Weintraub

Thank you for sharing Mike's story. We had to donate! Luana Concepcion

Please direct these funds toward care for "Mike" in the Foster program . He looks exactly like my little boy, Jack who's gone, Jack was white, had one eye, horrible skin and the sweetest creature I have ever known. Good luck buddy!!!  MICHAEL LYNCH

This donation is to sponsor Mike from Texas, and help with his medical bills. Today is my male frenchie's 7th birthday (Bo), and I feel so blessed to have him in my life. I hope that Mike will find a forever home that shows him that same love. Colleen Klages

I wish I could give Mike all of my money :( Such a sad story, but so happy he has landed in a more comfortable place. -Carla

Ronald Dryburgh

Sara Bethany Masterson

Sending positive thoughts and a little something to help with dear Mike's medical costs. Hang in there buddy. Terry and Regena Whitten

This is to go towards medical expenses for Mike from your Home page. This donation is being made in the name of Louis Vuitton the Frenchie! Diane Respeto

Sarah Clark

Glad you're in a place that will love and take care of you Mike. Edward Tautkus