Date posted: 11/10/18
Location: Nevada

Baby cow dog alert! Please give a warm FBRN welcome to Martel, who is so cute that you might be tempted to give your computer screen a scritch between the ears.

Martel is 3 years old and an absolute love, although he’s still a little confused about the sudden change in his circumstances. He marched right into his foster home and marked everything as his, so after she does a few loads of laundry, Foster Mom will start working with him on that less-than-desirable behavior. In the meantime, Martel is getting along well with his canine foster siblings and making himself at home on the people bed, where he is content to snooze the day away.

This pied darling has got it made in the looks department, but his health is a different story. We’d like to think that we are proficient (if not fluent) in the language of Frenchie snorts, and can say with certainty that Martel is one of the worst breathers that we’ve ever had. The poor boy struggles with each breath and he snores like a freight train. It is certain that some sort of surgical intervention will be necessary, and that’s where you, our wonderful friends and supporters, come in. If you’d like to make a donation toward Martel’s surgery fund, please click on the link above to become his sponsor. With your help, we can get Martel breathing easier, and in tip-top shape to find a home of his very own. Martel and all of us at FBRN thank you for your support!


Michael de Paauw

Here's a few dollars for darling Martel. I've heard him breathe and I look forward to hearing him when he breathes freely! - Amy and Aloha

Our Frenchie baby Eva just had soft palate and nasal surgery just a short week ago! She is already breathing so much better and we wish the same for sweet Martel! Sending lots of love! Lauren Cobb

Gloria Stuart

Joseph Navarro

Hope you are breathing better soon Martel. Cousin Vino.

For Martel to help with his breathing issues! Jon White

Martel you are too darn cute. Here’s a little something to help with that snoring problem. Looking forward to seeing your cute face all healthy and on the available page! Stephanie Dub

So happy to help this little fur buddy! Anabel Munana

Philip Motamedi