Date posted: 6/16/18
Location: TX

Puppy alert, PUPPY ALERT! This is not a test. Ten-month-old Marisol makes her debut onto the FBRN foster page after her owner developed severe allergies to her. You read that right: a human with allergies to the Frenchie, not a Frenchie with allergies.

Try not to be mesmerized by her beauty; Marisol is blind in one eye and has a cloudy spot in the other that will be checked out ASAP. Her blindness is thought to be from an untreated eye injury but with breeding for "trendy" colors, we wouldn't be surprised if genetics played a part.

Marisol is learning to gain confidence while in foster. She is a little leery of new places and sounds but has already mastered rolling over for belly rubs. Leash manners are a work in progress as well as differentiating human toys from puppy toys, but she is as sweet and energetic as puppies come.

Marisol arrived to foster with only her personality and beauty, not a worldly possession to her name. Please click on her picture to donate for vet care and puppy essentials. Marisol will roll over and show her belly in thanks!


You need to come live with us Cutie Pie! Deborah Buckner

l H Design

Hugs and love to you, Marisol.. Mike.\

Stephanie Allen

Marisol. I hope this gives you a little change to help things along. We’d love to have a chance to give you a forever home in Colorado. Good luck little one. Sally Davis

Sending lots of love from Canada <3 ~Emily

Hopefully you will be well enough soon to find your new home. Kathryn Brandino

I hope you get to enjoy a new toy from me! I will be keeping tabs to see how you do. Lots of Frenchie love, your sponsor <3 elizabeth dampeer