Date posted: 12/28/17
Location: New Jersey

Make way for the Queen! Marie has arrived and she is quite the lovely lady. Marie was sorrowfully surrendered when her family could see that she was becoming less tolerant of her young human sister. You see, Marie suffered a herniated disc when roughhousing with another dog and is now a bit protective of others reaching for her. She’s on the path to recovery and we’re certain a forever family is out there waiting for her.

This dark little beauty is working through medication and physical therapy to help with back pain and regain full use of her hind legs. It is still a work in progress and we’ll know more after her vet visit regarding her future medical prognosis. For now, Marie is settling into foster care and soaking up the TLC.

Marie is already ruling her foster kingdom and decreed that belly rubs must be given whenever possible. She’s occupied her new royal throne, er….favorite hang-out spot under the bed….where she’s ordered a fully stocked basket of antlers. Last, but not least, Marie made her first proclamation that it will be yoga minute at the beginning of each day.

Despite her royal demands, we think she is awfully cute. Should you have a coin or two to spare for her treasury as she sets up her kingdom, Queen Marie will be very appreciative. She might even let you kiss the royal paw!


I fractured vertebrae in my spine, lovely girl. I wouldn’t wish back pain on anyone - frenchie queens included. Here’s an elk antler on me! Best recovery. - dd

Here’s a little boost from Ollie & Bessie! Get better soon Marie!! Lori Williamson