Date posted: 1/20/18
Location: Texas

Please welcome Marcellus, the sweetest cuddle-muffin ever, to FBRN. This former breeding pup was surrendered by his family because they felt they did not have the time to dedicate to his optimal well-being. We are going to make sure it'll be roses from here on out for this handsome dude.

Marcellus is tiny, weighing in at about 15 pounds, and his little back legs are very weak from being crated for so many years. He's got a few medical issues we will address (mostly allergies), but seems to be rather healthy. He's a little underweight from our guess, and is mostly blind and deaf. This does not stop him from being a go-getter - he loves exploring the back yard at his foster home. He's super, super sweet and is actually the opposite of what you'd expect from a former crated breeding dog. He's trusting, loving, and it's very fun to watch him jiggle around. His records say he's about 8 years old, but we think he might be a bit older.

Marcellus came into foster care with an empty piggy bank and would be so grateful if you would sponsor him so he can get some extra treats to get a little meat on his bones. To sponsor this cutie pie just click on the link next to his adorable mug shot. He sends you all lots of love and Frenchie kisses!


For Marcellus from Chê and Bruiser! Get that baby some treats! <3


Hope this helps your foster humans get some yummy treats to fill up your belly! Love, Francis & Butter

Get better little one! This is for the little 15 pound older white Frenchie who is mostly deaf and blind. Kiss him for us. At least 4 kisses please. judeann smith

Hope this little guy gets settled in a loving home ASAP. High Desert Pet Suites, LLC

Gino Pollari

 I hope you live the life you deserve from this moment forward little Marcellus, from CeeCee

Little Marcellus! You are such a cutie pie and look so much like our little frenchie daughter, Libby! We hope you get better soon (our little one's allergies were really helped with Apoquel!) and get all of the love, cuddles, and treats you deserve. We'll keep checking on you, little man! All of our love and kisses, Julia, Casey and, of course, Libby <3

Marcellus for treats. Designer Sprouts

We are donating on behalf of our own Frenchie, Henry Urbik, who is currently mid chemo. Xo! Emily Urbik

For Marcellus! Sending well-wishes on the road to a much better life :) Tara Gariepy

Adam Petroff

Stephen Fleming

Laura Newhard

Get well soon! Love from Otis

Lilos Design

Matthews Susan

A little help for Marcellus treats. Monica Ortiz

Please enjoy treats and please give extra kisses to this gentleman for me. Lindsay McAllister

I want to help Marcellus. Corie Rochman

For sweet Marcellus, from Bibi & Rosie

Sending Marcellus a little something to get his piggy bank started. Hugs & Kisses! Bogey & Victoria

Hope this little bit helps Marcellus. Elaine Vigil

God Bless you with a living fam Marcellus xo Liliana Pelayo

Betty Campos

Radiah Brooks

Marcellus derserves all the Love he can get. Please indulge him in some treats or new toys. Jessica Haislip

Donation for Marcellus’s medical fund!! Matthew Alpert

For lovely boy Marcellus. Irina Weintraub

Sponsoring Marcellus in memory of our fellow Texas Frenchie, Leopold, who recently died from cancer. I hope you find the family to give you your best life! Samantha Ates