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Date posted: 9/14/20
Location: Florida

Look at this pretty flower! With a new baby, Magnolia’s owners couldn’t give her the attention and time that a young dog needs. Despite the upheaval, Magnolia is so excited to meet new people, and immediately won over her foster family with love and kisses.

So far she’s doing great getting to know her new surroundings and slowly meeting the resident pug. Right now, Magnolia is showing some separation anxiety, but let’s face it--she’s been through a lot lately! Despite the upheaval, she just loves being around people and has been well behaved.

This is the first time her foster family has taken in a rescue Frenchie, and they seem to have lucked out with this sweet, energetic girl. It is possible they might spoil her with toys and lots of cuddles!

Magnolia is slowly settling in and will need a vet exam. She seems to be healthy overall, but she may need treatment for a Darth-Vader-like breathing issue. If you would like to sponsor Magnolia, click on her picture to donate!



For Magnolia. You are so pretty sweet girl. I hope you become available soon. I’ll be watching for you. Tara Bonino

From Former florida FBRN grad Willy and myself. Darren Forzese

For sweet Magnolia, from a semi-retired Veterinarian who paints Magnolias all day. Maybe this Magnolia can join our family as well one day. julia snoy

Nicole Oddi

Elizabeth Maland

Sally Davis

Marie Tinch

Beautiful Magnolia! Sending our love! -Nicole and Fiona the Frenchie

To sweet Magnolia, we hope you are adjusting to your new family and we hope to meet you one day soon! Love, Ashley Jasenec & Lucy 

For Magnolia, in loving memory of our sweet baby Bowie. Winters Creative LLC

Amy Cofield

Magnolia, you are so adorable. Your Frenchie sister, Sweet Pea is waiting for you to join our family. We already have a Magnolia tree planted in our front yard in your honor.

siobhan davis

Matthew Main

Dear Magnolia: What a sweet face! I look forward to seeing healthy and strong and ready for adoption!  Ginger Thatcher

1513 Designs

Maelie Arocho