Date posted: 7/7/19
Location: NJ

Swoon! Wouldja get a load of this handsome silver fox? It's Macklin, and he couldn't be more good-looking if his last name was Clooney. 

This distinguished frog of a certain age (8 years, to be precise) has been an absolute gentleman since his arrival in foster care. He is an energetic, affectionate boy who gets along with everyone he meets, including other dogs and humans of all ages. He enjoys play and sleep in equal measures, and his manners are so good that we wouldn't be surprised to see him holding doors open and doffing his hat to the ladies. 

This Very Good Dog seems to be in good health, but we still need to get him a thorough veterinary checkup, especially since he's got a case of the itchy paws. So if you've got a soft spot for the gray-chinned seniors, why not become Macklin's sponsor? Your contribution will go toward the cost of his vet care (plus a few boxes of biscuits, if Macklin gets his way). Macklin will be sure to send you a snort and a kiss in thanks!


Cheryl Nielsen