Date posted: 3/12/17
Location: CA

Maceo is in the house and this guy is going to pull on your heartstrings! He is a three-year-old hunk who was lovingly surrendered when his family realized they could not provide the care he needed. Maceo has a number of health issues, but you wouldn’t know it from his sweet disposition! We’ve got you, Maceo, and will make sure you find the perfect forever home.

Maceo cannot walk or control his you-know-what functions. He’s in line for a spiffy new set of wheels to work on the transportation issue and is rocking some glamorous diapers to help with the other issues. But, someone must not have ever told Maceo about his handicaps. You see, Maceo thinks he’s like all cute Frenchies and loves a good play more than you can imagine. He knows he’s a stud and he's on the prowl for some lady friends.

We’re so excited for Maceo’s good life and thrilled to give him all the best in the future. If he tugged on your heart and you feel so inclined, please leave him a dollar or two to pay for his wheels and maybe a couple of those fiery racing stripes for the sides. Maceo is sure to show his appreciation. Vroom, vroom!



Teresa Caudle

Annette Thornburgh

This is for Maceo's cart! With love, in memory of Jake Holupka. Tracey Holupka

Hey Maceo, I hope this helps to get you some new wheels!! Love, Oliver the Frenchie

little man. greg stanley

Please take this and use it however you can to help that precious sweetheart.Sorryit cannot be more!  Katrina Rushford

Annette Thornburgh

Meghan Read

I hope you find the perfect forever home! Oliver the Frenchie

My family had the honor of knowing this great guy. We're going to miss you but hope you get a great new home. Can't wait to see you on your new wheels!!! Love you!!! Amanda Corey