Date posted: 6/23/18
Location: VT

Stop whatever you're doing and meet Luna, FBRN’s newest addition!! This sweet fawn biscuit is just shy of a year old, and came to FBRN when her previous owner experienced a change in her living situation that made her unable to keep Luna. For a Frenchie, this girl is certainly on the more…”petite” side. One might call her “dainty,” or “slight,” or even “abbreviated.” “Compact,” certainly. But we prefer to think of her as “concentrated” – all the charm and beauty of a French Bulldog, in a convenient 12-pound package! (Yep, you heard right. Twelve pounds!)

Sweet Luna might be on the teensy side, but she is stuffed full of personality. She loves the humans in her foster home and follows them around, snoopervising their activities as any good dog would do. She was also reportedly quite happy to meet the resident canine in her foster home, and gave the resident cat a curious but unconcerned once-over when they met.

Lest you think this beauty is all sizzle and no steak, think again! Foster mom says Luna is a well-mannered little lady who seems to be housetrained and crate-trained. She also sleeps like an angel, doesn't whine or bark, and walks confidently on a leash. (Swoon!) It does seem somewhat too good to be true – all those virtues in a pocket-sized package. Would you consider dropping a few coins into Luna’s piggy bank? Dogs this tiny don’t come with pockets, so she’s all out of spending money, and stuffies and snacks don't come cheap. Just click on the link to donate, and send Luna a note if you're so inclined. She - and we – thank you!


Hello little Luna! All good things come in small packages. :) Welcome to your new life. Maybe we will get to meet you. Here's a little something for treat fund. Lots of love, Mary Ann, Greg & FBRN Grad Gimbal. <3

Love little Luna! TRACEY LACASSE

sue palmatier

Keeping an eye on you, Luna!! Tanya Rutizer

You are a cutie! My little Paco is only 18 lbs. Loren Rea

Sarah Hopkins

For Luna to get some toys and treats! From Meaghan, Ernie and Olive

leanne lacroix

Sending hugs and Frenchie kisses to sweet Luna from Remi & Juicy @boujiefrenchies 

We wish you love half pint!  Gus and Hank

Dawn McDaniel

Luna you are a beautiful little girl. Please have a few treats to help with your transition :-)!!! Sheila Farris-Bigg

Debbie Smithers