Date posted: 1/26/19
Location: NJ

Give a warm welcome to four-year-old snugglebug, Luke! Luke was lovingly surrendered to FBRN when his former owners realized they were not able to give him the attention that this superstar deserved. Luke has been in his new foster home only a week and he is adjusting like a champ! He is already on a bathroom schedule and has had only one accident in his new home and that was on his first day. Luke is crate trained and doesn’t mind going in there when no one is home. It is obvious he grew up in a house with rules as he does not jump on the furniture or bed. He even knows his commands like "sit" and "stay." Can you say, "sweet baby angel Frenchie with perfect manners"? Since he is only four years old, he’s still a little energetic at times. However, he loves to take long walks with his foster mom so his energy is well managed. Basically, Luke loves attention, and has impeccable Frenchie manners. We think he will be heading over to the available page soon. If you would like to help this sweetie pie on his way, just click on the link next to his adorable mug shot to sponsor him. He sends you all lots of love and politely-delivered Frenchie kisses!


Luke, you are ADORABLE!!! Here is a little fun money for you to get a toy or treat. We have an active, loving home ready for you in New Jersey, cannot wait for you to make it over to the available page! XO Dana Smith

Welcome to the FBRN Family, sweet boy!! Laura Newhard

Brandon Toole

Luke just stole my heart today! michele lada

Luke, just a little something for new toys and lots of love! Lauren Valonis

Brad Bender

Kaitlyn Davidson

Peyton Allain

Good luck Luke!! Love, Alli and Jeff

Vanessa Alvez

Lauren Pacenta

Alletah Ganino

We love you Luke and! Hope you are enjoying yourself and will find a loving home soon! Candice Weissman

Hi There Sweet Luke, My four little girls love your cute little face and hope to see you on the available page soon!! Shannon from NJ

You're a beautiful little boy! Hope to see you in NJ special boy! Liza P Maguire

Hello Sweet Luke!!! My four little girls would like to get you a toy!! You are so adorable. We hope you are doing well!! Shannon Roper

Luke we’re sending our love. We hope your learning and staying strong through this shuffle. We have another rescue fur-baby at home that would love to meet you! She comes to work with us everyday and would love a pal to hang with. We hope to meet you! Wishing you a sunny day filled with lots of walks and kisses. Maria Munoz Del Castillo

We can’t wait to see when you are available for adoption, Luke! We hope you have everything you need. Aaron Kozak