Date posted: 10/6/17
Location: MI

The sweet little Lucretia has found her way back to FBRN. Unfortunately for Lucretia, her family moved and could not take her with them. She hasn't lost her tiny stature or her sweetness since the last time she was in FBRN's care. So far she has spent her time in foster care napping and cuddling. She also has a very forceful way of cuddling with you. If you take your hand off her, she shoves herself back under your--Lucretia will not be denied.

Lucretia has returned to foster care with some minor issues. She has a bit of incontinence going on, but even with this issue she will only wee on a pad and also goes outside! Her foster mom is watching for signs of resource guarding, as it was reported by her previous owner. However, thus far foster mom has not noticed any of those signs. She will keep an eye on Lucretia after the slow intro's have been done and she is around her foster siblings more. She has a vet visit scheduled to see if the allergies that she has might require some medication. Currently she is not on any.

If you have a few extra cents or even some spare dollars, please consider donating to Lucretia and her upcoming vet visit. All you need to do is click on the link to sponsor her. Thank you!


This gift is for Lucretia.... I wish you the best little one. Doreen Palmer

You sound like a sweet snuggle bug, wondering if you like kitty cats? Sandra Timoszyk

Here's a little something - you are a sweetie! Susan K Marvin

Hope you feel better sweet girl.  Xoxo Franklin and Freckles Speer

Lucretia looks like my Leo! Wishing her well! Nathan Ortiz

Best of luck with little Lucretia!! Such a sweet little face. Ginger Hodge

You are absolutely lovely lucretia! Lindsay Haller

Jennifer Keller

Diego Martinez

Mary Ellen Bouve

Corinne McCutchan

Good luck, little one! —Poppy