Date posted: 4/7/18
Location: NY

Six-year-old Lindylou has the most extraordinary eyes. In fact, this toothsome confection of spun sugar with nutmeg spots is unique and beautiful all over, and she is just as sweet as can be. She has been a perfect little lady in her foster home. She hasn't had any accidents, walks nicely on a leash, and adores the 7-year-old twins in the home.

It is quite obvious (given the state of her undercarriage) that Lindylou has had several litters of puppies. Given her lovely disposition, it's very easy to imagine her being a wonderful mama, but it's time for her to be taken care of now.

Lindylou needs to be spayed. She is behind on her vaccinations, and her teeth need some work before she can start looking for her forever home. Unfortunately, she hasn't got two pennies to rub together, never mind enough to pay her vet bills. Please consider sponsoring Lindylou, and helping her prepare for her move to the Available page and a wonderful forever home of her very own. Thank you!


Lindyloo; things are looking up. Annette Thornburgh

Lindylou, you are adorable! Irina Weintraub

Cannot wait to read your happily ever after story, Lindylou! You are a beautiful, beautiful girl! MONICA ORTIZ

This is for Lindylou on behalf of Daisy. Daisy was in Lindylou's same position 3 years ago and now Daisy has her forever family! Sending lots of love, healing, and well wishes to Lindylou! Candace Norie

For LindyLou. Carolyn Monahan

Sandy Wisniewski

Michael Myers

Douglas Milton

Rebecca Collins

Jennifer Koren

Carol McNaughton Beebe

Junior and Slate (Two Frenchies From Florida) wish her to find the most loving home!

For LindyLou! Hope you are feeling 100% soon! Mia Dow

For LindyLou, best wishes for your new life! Teresa Southwick

With much love, Sprout, Tom Tom, Pork, and Beans. Stephen Fleming

Lindylou.. a little something for you from Daisy! Diane Munro

Ronald Dryburgh

avary SCOTT