Date posted: 9/30/17
Location: MO

UPDATE: Lilly was humanely euthanized when nothing could be done for her enlarged heart,  respiratory problems and aspiration pneumonia. Her foster mom was with her when she crossed the Bridge. 

No dog deserves to end up in a shelter, especially a senior Frenchie, but that's where new FBRN foster Lilly found herself after 9 years of life.

While we may not know much about her previous story, she now starts a new chapter. Here is what we do know so far: at 21 pounds, Lilly is a sassy little missy! She does NOT like being left alone, even behind a baby gate, which she cleared like an Olympic hurdler. She has also been seemingly trained by Pavarotti in "Loud Vocalizations to Alert Your Human You Have Been Left Alone." She silently sneers at the resident dogs as they walk by, curling her lip in her best Billy Idol impression, but she doesn't lunge.

Lilly may have spent most of her time confined in a crate because she is a little hesitant to urinate outside on grass. But every day is an improvement in foster care. She will be seeing a vet for a full check up, so if your piggy bank is getting full, please consider donating to Lilly's fund and following her journey. She has been freely doling out Frenchie kisses left and right and you wouldn't want to miss out on any of that! Thank you!



My family just rescued me from a kill shelter , I am also an older Frenchie. My new Mom says I am the best Frenchie ever. Hope you will find a forever family soon. Chunx and Karina.

Lilly Lilly legs! greg stanley

Lilly, I hope you soon have the life and love that every dog deserves.  Debra Kennedy

For Lilly, you'll find a forever home. Annette Thornburgh

For Lilly from Daisy