Date posted: 4/13/18
Location: MI

Please welcome Leontyne to FBRN! This brindle biscuit was surrendered with another Frenchie by an owner who was moving out of the country for work. Leontyne is a petite (22-pound) five-year-old girl who is still settling in to her foster home. Foster mom reports that Leontyne is somewhat skittish around humans, but calms down somewhat when she is around the other dogs in her foster home. Leontyne is clearly not a fan of FBRN’s slow intro process, and has been making her displeasure at being left alone (especially at night) very clear to her foster mom. (The uninformed might refer to her vocal stylings as “howling,” but we know better. We know she is simply following in the footsteps of her namesake, famous soprano Mary Violet Leontyne Price.) We hope to have a better idea of what makes this girl tick after her initial vet visit and more time in her foster home. In the meantime, please consider dropping some coins into her piggy bank if you are so inclined – perhaps some new sheet music or a few stuffies will help make her feel more at home. Just click on the link! To express her gratitude, Leontyne will sing her thanks. As for us, we prefer to leave singing to the professionals and will simply issue forth a hearty “Thank you!”.


Lisa Doyle

To Leontyne, in memory of my beloved Louie. Sarah Ross

For Leontyne, from CeeCee