Date posted: 3/31/17
Location: Louisiana


Leiden became paralyzed in the front legs this week.  Following a visit to a neurologist, it was determined she would not recover, likely due to a tumor or other issue that could not be treated or cured, and her quality of life was seriously compromised. Her foster mom was with her when Leiden was helped across the bridge.


We sure do like our sweet girls around here at FBRN and we are pleased to welcome a very special, sweet girl named Leiden. Leiden was surrendered to us after a reported fall down the stairs left her with back end weakness. We hate to see any of our Frenchies have physical disabilities, but Leiden isn’t going to let it stop her and will be ready to show off her goofy personality to one lucky forever family.

As it turns out, the fall left Leiden without any use of her back legs. The good news is she is showing signs of sensation in the legs, so we’re holding out hope that physical therapy and treatment will start working its magic very soon. Additionally, Leiden has a terrible UTI that is being treated and we’re ready to see that cleared up for the girl.

Leiden loves to pull herself around and is showing how friendly she is to all she comes across. She’s also showing what a happy gal she is at her foster home, and she has been very amiable to change such as diapers and being kenneled to keep her safe during the day.

Because of her injuries, Leiden needs a lot of extra help from the FBRN family. Please help care for her by clicking on the link to donate and don’t forget to leave a note of encouragement as she needs all the love she can get! When you see her up on her back legs and taking a step or two, that will be thanks to you and all our supporters!




Teresa Caudle

Rin & Crew

Good luck! Love from Frenchie LouLou in SoCal

Hope you get better real soon, sweetie! Diane Salguero

greg stanley

Robert Volland

Get well soon dear Leiden. Maryam Nikroo

Hopefully you'll be walking again soon! xoxo Chloe in Hartford

Please put this towards Leiden's PT, with our prayers that she is pain free and recovers use of her legs. You are in good hands, precious angel. With love from the Phillips family.

You're in good hands Leiden. Millie the Frenchie

Dear Leiden you have such a beautiful face and my Elle wants to help you because you so deserve help. Carol Saunders

Feel better soon! Kristen Snyder