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Date posted: 5/23/20
Location: MA

If you have a soft spot for baby cow dogs, then brace yourself for FBRN’s newest charge, Lalo! With that darling face and personality to match, he’s impossible not to love.

Lalo joined FBRN because his original family was facing hardships, and could no longer provide the care he needed. Our hearts go out to them and we promise that no stone will go unturned in finding the perfect forever home! But first, there is work to be done with Lalo’s skin and ears. Lalo is extremely prone to ear infections. He’s already had ablation surgery on his right ear, and his left ear is best described as a hot mess. Between his excellent vet and his equally excellent foster parents, who are no strangers to the intricacies of Frenchie itchies, Lalo has the perfect team to get him into tip top shape.

Lalo just turned 4 years old (bon anniversaire), but has the curiosity and excitement of a much younger pup. He can barely contain himself during walks. There are just so many amazing new sights and smells and OMG IS THAT A SQUIRREL!?! He’s much more relaxed when he’s indoors. Lalo’s foster parents tell us that he is a champion snuggler and the perfect cuddle companion for a Better Call Saul binge.

Lalo is a serious leash puller and doesn’t always remember that peeing is best done outside (rather than on the dining room rug). He’s also a little over exuberant in his affections, with a tendency to fling himself at people’s faces to deliver sloppy kisses. While we appreciate the sentiment, this kid is built like a linebacker, so calmer displays of love would be in everyone’s best interest. Luckily, Lalo is a smart boy and eager to please. We’re sure he’s going to have it all down in no time at all.

Want to join Team Lalo? There’s plenty of room! If you’d like to help defray the cost of his vet care, just click on the link above to make a donation and tell us it’s for Lalo. He’ll be sure to thank you with a wiggle and a smooch!



Hugs from CT Lalo!! Allison Underwood

Allison Underwood

This is for Lalo: Your a handsome little cowboy, something for those itchy ears. Brad & Blake

Hey Lil Cowboy. You’re so handsome. Hope this will help out with your itchy ears. Brad & Blake

Moose thinks Lalo needs a Himalayan Cheese stick for learning to potty outdoors! Nance Gordon

LALO, I hope your ears are better soon! I would love to adopt you and be your forever home and spoil you as all Frog Princes should be spoiled! Sending you love and hugs! Diana C. Limington, Maine

From Buckminster in honor of National Flappy Jowl day. 

Denise Belair

For Lalo - I know what it's like to work with a strong, willful Frenchie! My heart goes to those who had to give her up. Denise B

Rick Berger

hi lalo i really wish you were here love you hope 10$ will help you -Ava (8 years old) (:

Diane Herrle

This donation is for Lalo. My chocolate Lab had tons of ear problems so I became an expert in the subject matter. I even cooked for her the last few years of her life. Hoping Lalo can get some relief. Claudia Toussaint