Date posted: 11/18/18
Location: Nevada

Hang onto your hats, ladies and gentleman, there is a new 10-month-old Frenchie in town. This boy is 28lbs and a lovely red male with black mask. Krum came to FBRN when his family could not get a handle on the gastrointestinal issues that he had.

Krum already loves children, has been well socialized with other dogs, and adores giving kisses. One should likely wear a raincoat when getting kisses from Krum, as he is quite slobbery and likes to make sure you get wet. He's learning some additional manners from the old ladies canines in his foster home. He also jumps at the chance to play with the ladies, but he seems to wear them out quickly due to their age.

Krum has had an appointment with a vet to have a check on his colon and to try and get a diagnosis as to what could be causing his gastrointestinal issues. He wasn't happy that he had to fast, but the results from his procedure should be back soon. Hopefully, they will lead to a cause and how to correct the issues he is having.

If you have a couple dollars to spare, please consider donating it to Krum to be able to help the vets figure out what is going on with this adorable man. All you have to do is click on the link next to him to donate. Thank you!


For Krum. Hope you feel better! Irina Weintraub

Jamie King

Krum, I hope this helps a little bit. You are a very handsome boy and I hope your tummy issues get figured out! I would love to meet you someday. Kerri Nevills

Sarah Paetschke

Hello Krum, you are such a handsome boy, too adorable for words. I would love for you to have a few toys for Christmas, since the treats may upset your tummy right now. Shawna Bendinger