Date posted: 5/27/18
Location: Pennsylvania

We're cuckoo for Koko Puff!

Splendidly speckled, six-year-old Koko was surrendered to FBRN when her former owners discovered that their baby was allergic to her.

Koko has a condition called cherry eye, a prolapsed gland in the third eyelid. Yup, dogs have three eyelids! It's just one more thing to love about 'em! Apparently Koko's cherry eye was surgically corrected at some point in the past, but it has recurred. Treatment options for cherry eye vary, so we are looking forward to consulting with our vet to decide on a plan of action. Our vet will also be giving her teeth some much-needed attention. One of them fell out into her water bowl, and her breath doesn't exactly smell like roses.

Koko is settling into her foster home, and her foster family reports that she loves people, but is less enchanted with the resident Frenchies. We will see if a gradual introduction fixes that. She seems to suffer from separation anxiety, but that may change when she gets more settled.

If you would like to help us help Koko acclimate and receive the medical attention she needs before her move to the Available Dogs page, please donate by clicking on the "Sponsor Me" button beside her photo. She (and we) would be so grateful!


Love to a Pennsylvanian dog, in memory of Gayle Baetz. Dustin Baetz

Koko, I hope your eye feels better soon. Your sweet face, big smile and imperfect teef remind me of my frenchton Daisy, who I lost last month. This gift is in her memory. Get well soon! Heather Vaughan

Feel better soon, Koko. We are all rooting for you! Lots of love from the staff at Natural Pet Organics.