Date posted: 11/5/16
Location: New Jersey

KIRA UPDATE 02/13/2017
Little Kira has experienced a bit more difficulty in adjusting her behaviors than anticipated and has moved to a new foster home with lots of experience with reactive and hard-headed frogs. She made the long trip to the Northeast and is settling in with her new pack. Introductions were slow as it appears she has few social skills and, while she invited play, she knew little about proper play etiquette.

Her housebreaking continues to be an issue, but hopefully routine will help her curb her spontaneity. Kira is
relentlessly food-obsessed and food aggressive, and this may be the most urgent issue to work on as she is constantly on the prowl for any scrap that may fall to the floor or an errant piece of kibble left in a food dish. She is a very insecure little lady, so consistent expectations, calm strong leadership and positive reinforcement are needed to help her feel safe and not react to any reprimand in a defensive manner. As we desensitize her to her triggers, new triggers emerge, which is often the case with fear reactive dogs. It is imperative that her humans remain calm and in control while defusing these situations. It’s important that she feel comfortable with new people and situations outside the home and to help her with all these issues she has started attending a basic obedience class. We have great hope that she will graduate with honors!

Please welcome 10-month-old Kira to FBRN! This adorable and energetic girl was surrendered by her previous owner who sadly realized that she couldn’t give sweet Kira what she needed.

Kira will have her intake exam with the vet soon, but seems to be a healthy pup! She is settling into her foster home quite well. Her foster mom tells us that Kira is a very smart girl who loves to play. Kira is crate trained, but she's still working on her potty training skills. We’ll give her a break since she’s just 10 months old….and so darn cute! Kira was reported to have reactivity issues and will be slowly introduced to the resident dogs. Her foster mom is working with her on leash manners, and Kira will also get to work with a trainer who will be able to help further refine her lady-like manners.

We’ll have more to share about Kira and how she interacts with others soon. In the meantime, if you’d like to sponsor Kira, just click on the banner above. We know she would appreciate some kind words and a few extra treats as she begins the exhausting search for her forever home!




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