Date posted: 4/19/19
Location: DC

Say hello to handsome! Jax has found his way to FBRN. He's a three-year-old brown and white Frenchie. He comes to us after he was given as a gift to a family where it was thought he would get on well and be great playmates with everyone. Unfortunately, it didn't turn out so well for Jax, because he did a lot of marking, and really--nobody likes that!

His foster family will be neutering him in the near future, and with it it is expected his marking will decrease. His introduction to his foster family went well and since he has been there he has done nothing but enjoy playing, eating, and sleeping. He's reported to be a sweet guy who loves both his human foster family and his canine foster family. Jax is excited to have a bed, harness, and some toys all to himself.

If you have a few extra cents lying around, please consider donating it to Jax for his upcoming neuter. All you need to do is click on the link to sponsor him. This sweetie boy may not be too happy about it, but we'll all be thanking you!


Ralphie and Debra

Jax, You sound very cool, but marking is not cool. Hope this helps to get you past this phase. Kim Zimmerman