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Date posted: 11/15/20
Location: Texas

SWOON! You might need to lie down and fan yourself for a bit after seeing this gorgeous brindle hunk. Don’t worry, Jake is willing to wait until you’ve regained your composure. Just promise him that once you’ve recovered, you’ll give him some belly rubs and ear scratches, please and thank you.

This 6-year-old looker was first rescued by a kind soul who noticed that he was being kept outdoors 24/7. Knowing that was no way for a Frenchie to live, this person took Jake in and planned to make him a part of the family. Unfortunately, Jake did not see eye-to-eye with the resident cats (this is a nice way of saying that he wanted to eat them), so his rescuer turned him over to FBRN with a request for a feline-free forever home. No problem—we can make that happen!

Jake is a strong, stout, muscly boy who is in relatively good shape, considering how much time he spent outdoors. He has dermatitis on his belly and ears—most likely caused by allergies—that is clearly causing him some discomfort, and he gets snappy if a hand gets near the affected areas. We get it, buddy—that stuff is painful! Fortunately, foster mom doesn’t take it personally, and is hard at work determining Jake’s allergy triggers and treating his hot spots.

Foster mom tells us that Jake is alert, stubborn, and “kind of demanding” (so in other words, he’s a Frenchie). He’s not much of a barker, but if he sees something he wants—such as his beloved yellow ball—he won’t hesitate to bulldoze over whatever’s in his path. “Personal space” and “boundaries” just aren’t words in his vocabulary. Jake particularly loves to have his back rubbed, and isn’t shy about nuzzling his way into your space and under your hands if the petting stops prematurely.

If you’d like to sponsor this giant mush while we get his allergies figured out, then please click on the donate link above and tell us it’s for Jake. With your support, we will get him right as rain and adopted into the perfect forever home! And Jake will be sure to thank you with a wink and a wide Frenchie smile.



Dawn Cignarelli

This donation is to foster frenchie Jake in memory of my human son Jake who died of cancer two years ago and loved his frenchie. Lorie Jager

In memory of our beloved Annabelle. Wishing you Jake years of health and happiness with a forever family. The Mell Family

Jake, I feel you. . . I don't like cats either. Get better soon and hope you can use this to get more yellow balls or any color you want! Fred & Sarah