Date posted: 1/26/19
Location: FL

Please send a hearty “Hello” to FBRN’s latest diamond in the rough, Hercules!

This sweet boy is five-ish years old and was surrendered to FBRN by his owner. We know little about his past, or the reason he ended up in rescue. We do know that he is extremely underweight, and his skin and coat are in poor condition. Hercules' luck is already changing: he is living in a wonderful foster home and his care is being overseen by a volunteer who has lots of experience in restoring the shine to fine French [Bulldog] gems like Hercules. She reports that he is slowly regaining weight and luster, and she is working with him to help rebuild his lost muscle as well.

One thing this boy isn't short on is sweetness! His foster mom tells us he is a doll who just soaks up all the love she and his foster dad can shower upon him. He loves walks, sniffing the fresh air, looking for adventure and endearing himself to every human he meets in the hope of getting more attention. His foster mom, who named him after the Disney character, says that although he arrived in poor condition, she is confident that “he is on his way and he will go the distance until he finds the place where he belongs.”

In Roman mythology, Hercules performed superhuman feats and conquered monsters, demonstrating an inner strength and ability to endure hardship. We see more than a little resemblance in our own Hercules and know that with time, care and some quality groceries, his story will have a happy ending. If you'd like to send along some support – perhaps contribute a few coins to Herc’s Joocy Bone Fund? – click on the link and make a donation. If you include a note, his foster mom will read it to him so he will know how many people are rooting for him. Thank you!

Go Hercules!


Good Luck Hercules.. From myself and FBRN grad Willy. Feel better little man. Darren Forzese

Give Hercules (Rocco) some kisses from me, my Rocco and Rolla. Love Denise

Shelly Caputo

I hope this helps. Wish you a beautiful life! Gladys Sanchez Norat

Hercules-We think your name is perfect. We'll think of you when we hear Go The Distance. Hang in there little man, we’re rooting for you! Jenea and Hemingway

Give Hercules my heart. Stephanie Sullivan

For sweet and handsome Hercules, sending you love and good health wishes from FBRN Grad Rosie Best. Nancy Best

Hi Hercules! I hope you feel better soon beautiful boy! 

Hope you are feeling better soon, sweet boy! Elizabeth Fincannon