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Date posted: 7/12/20
Location: NM

Hellie is a beautiful 7-year-old brindle girl who was surrendered due to the ongoing upkeep that a frog princess deserves. Her humans loved her very much, but her allergies and eye ulcer became too much on a fixed income. It’s unfortunately a common situation, but Hellie is in good hands with her allergy-savvy foster family.

At 26 pounds, she has been nicknamed “Cinderella” because she is built like a cinder block! Although to be fair, that would also apply to the average Frenchie. So far, Hellie is cautiously learning about her new home and charming all the humans who meet her. Other dogs? Meh. She will likely have to be an only dog, or introduced slowly to a quiet male. In the meantime, Hellie is taking her daily eye drops like a champ and being super sweet to all of the humans she meets!

Her foster family will be taking care of her itchy skin and administering her eye drops until her ulcer heals. If you would like to contribute to her healing, please click on the banner above to become Hellie’s sponsor!



Hi Hellie! We saw no one sponsored you yet and wanted to give you a little help. The K-G Family.

Cinderella, you remind us of our late beautiful Roxy. She too was built like a cinderblock. She also had a couple ulcers over her 13 years. Here is to wishing you a beautiful healthy future and finding the best forever home! Ashley Hughes


In memory of our beloved Annabelle. Sending you love Hellie and wishes for a happy life. The Mell Family


Hey Cinderella! We want to wish you a Happy Holidays. Snorts and kisses XOXO Jan Risden