Date posted: 7/21/19
Location: MO

Age before beauty, as the old saying goes...or is it beauty before age? It doesn't really matter when it comes to brand-new foster Harley, because he's the handsomest senior boy you're ever gonna see.

This black-masked hunk is in remarkably good shape for a 12-year-old, with only a smattering of white hairs that belie his age. Just look at those bright eyes and that beautiful coat! Harley's got some stiffness in his legs, weakness in his knees, and a slight arch in his back, but this doesn't stop him from chasing his favorite ball or running across the kitchen to finish his foster sisters' leftover food. His favorite pastimes include chewing on toys, snoozing in laps, and getting ALL the pats. He even gets along with all five (!) of his foster sisters, not to mention the human children--they are smitten with him, and the feeling seems to be mutual. Of course, Harley is a Frenchie, so that means he can't help but have a streak of mischief. So while he knows all of his basic commands and that peeing is best done outside, he has selective hearing when it comes to doing what he's told. ("I must be getting hard of hearing in my old age," Harley says innocently, batting his lashes.)

Harley has a small nodule on his chin that needs to be examined (and possibly removed) before he can move to the Available Page. In the meantime, you can help us cover the cost of his care by becoming a sponsor! Just click on the "Donate" link above and tell us it's for Harley. We are an all-volunteer organization, which means that every penny donated goes directly to the dogs in our care. Sweet Harvey will be sure to blow you a sloppy Frenchie kiss of thanks!


A little something for you in loving memory of our little old man Dobby. Sandra Camblin

For Harley in MO in memory of our sweet Mazzie. Brynn Palmer

Donation for Harley's expenses. He is a sweet heart and we appreciate FBRN for taking care of him.Miriam Bland