Date posted: 7/30/17
Location: Kansas

Health problems are always a hardship for humans and dogs, but when both person and pet get sick, it can be an impossible situation. Big guy Gustav started to get seizures around the same time as his human had surgery and a serious illness, and it became hard for this family to manage both. Gustav was lovingly, tearfully, surrendered to give him a home that could make sure he was cared for. He’s a big snuggle-bug, and as a senior (he is somewhere between 7 and 11 years old), he still has a lot of pep. It won’t be long until he’s ready to be someone’s best friend!

There’s a bit of work to do, first. Gustav is a hefty 39 pounds and un-fixed. He will need regular exercise, and a visit to the vet for a neuter and a checkup (his eyes are a bit gunky). To help him along to better health, click on his photo to sponsor Gustav! Thank you!




For Gustav, we have a 12 years old frenchie named Gustave as well,. he looks like him. Hopefully Gustav will get back in shape and will find a lovely home!  marco querci