Date posted: 12/8/18
Location: Texas

Just in time for the holiday season, meet FBRN's newest little mogwai--Gremlin! But don't worry; this Gremlin isn't here to wreak havoc or spawn murderous minions. In fact, this Gremlin loves to bask in the sunlight, tolerates the occasional bath, and you can definitely feed him after midnight!

5-year-old Gremlin was found wandering about town after he left his yard during an unattended potty break. The local animal shelter found Gremlin's owners, but they decided to surrender Gremlin to the shelter due to their inability to pay for his veterinary care. And boy, is Gremlin in need of care--severe untreated allergies and ear infections have left this poor boy in quite a state. Recognizing that Gremlin needed specialty care, the shelter contacted FBRN, and we were all to happy to scoop him right up.

So far, our smooshy little cream puff has been a perfect house guest, aptly described by his foster mom as "chill." He has no behavioral problems, doesn't jump up on people, gets along with everyone, and walks on a leash like a gentleman. He does have the occasional potty oopsie, but we're hoping that a neuter will help resolve that. Right now, the most urgent item of business is to get Gremlin a full battery of allergy tests, along with some medication for his skin and ears and an evaluation of his breathing, which is a little more labored than we like to see. And that, dear FBRN friends, is where you come in. If you'd like to help us get Gremlin in tip top shape so he can ring in 2019 with a forever home of his very own, please click on the pawprint above to become his sponsor. No donation is too small, and since we are an all-volunteer organization, every penny goes toward the dogs in our care. Gremlin will be sure to send you a snort and a snuffle of thanks!


Merry Christmas Gremlin, we hope you find a new loving family soon! Until then you are in good hands! Cassie Amundson & Dexter

Hope you find your forever home soon, melissa jordan

Gremlin - you deserve to be appreciated and loved. Carla's Closet

Gremlin! xoxoxo Erika Halperin

omar lozano

Cyndi Hensley

You’re in a good place Gremlin. Love Millie 

Kimberly Kimbel

To help you, Gremlin, get the help you need to get ready to join your forever family. Cyndi and Hal

ML Brandt

We hope your ears and itchies feel better soon! Love, Nicole, Adam, Maggie(12yr old rescue), Minnie (1yr old rescue Frenchie!)

To help little Gremlin continue to feel better. Claire Pancerz