Date posted: 6/29/19
Location: CT

Here to grace us with her presence on the FBRN foster page is Grace! She looks to be about 9 years old, and it seems Grace was probably a former breeder. After having several different homes, she was surrendered to FBRN for allergies. We’ve got you now, sweet Grace.

Grace has already had an eventful time in foster with several surgeries. Her first was to remove a benign tumor from her gums and spay her. The next week she went in for palate surgery and removal of a mast cell tumor from her top lip. Her foster mom says she’s just the strongest, most resilient gal having quickly bounced back from both surgeries.

Gracie is also strong willed-- dare we say bossy?-- around some dogs. She would rather keep to herself or seek out human attention. She is working on relaxing when her humans are gone. Seeing as though Grace has already been through so much in the short while she’s been in foster, she wouldn’t mind if you made a donation to her retirement fund by clicking on the “sponsor me” link. She would be ever so graceful and grateful. Thank you!


Hope this helps Grace. Darren Forzese