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Date posted: 12/20/20
Location: Maryland

Please give a big welcome to a 2-year-old little lady who truly needs all the love and care that FBRN can give her. Geneva was surrendered due to health issues which required emergency treatment and surgery due to reproductive problems. She came through like a trooper, but it is a long recovery and a tough start for such a young, loving girl.

Geneva is very thin, so eating well and resting are her most important assignments for the next few weeks. Her foster mom says Geneva will gladly curl up in her lap and sleep, so that’s a good start. And, if you are looking for a child-friendly dog, Geneva has already adopted her human foster brother!

If you would like to sponsor Geneva, please click on the link above and tell us it's for Geneva. FBRN, foster mom, and certainly Geneva will all appreciate your support.




Geneva, sending positive vibes and a few treats your way! Fred & Sarah

Be well beautiful girl. Gina Fornasar

Welcome to your new foster home Geneva. You are on your way to a happy life. Patrisha OConnell

Heather Winters


Hi Geneva! I hope you start feeling much better soon. This is for you to get some yummy snacks and maybe a toy to cuddle with during your recovery! I can't wait to see you on the available page soon! Alexandra Comstock

to Geneva for Christmas! Charles Viviano

Make sure you get yourself some Christmas ham (or roast beast!) this week so you can have a swift recovery! -Anjuli & Cooper the Jack Russell

Donated in loving memory of our beloved Annabelle. Geneva, wishing you a long life of love and good health. The Mell Family


For Geneva, we hope you feel better soon sweet girl! Sending lots of snuggles and love your way! -The Ruleman Family

Love from the Owens Family


You are so adorable, Geneva. I hope you feel better soon ( us girls need to stick together ;)) . Katie Mucciarone

Beautiful little girl Geneva, The New Year will be the best year of your life. all your dreams come true, and all your hopes are fulfilled! May you find peace, love, joy, fun and happiness. Be spoiled and eat good treats Our heartiest New Year wish to you! Natalie Narumoto and Madeleine


Sweet Geneva, here is a little something for you. Wishing you lots of love, Puppy kisses, and belly rubs from FBRN Grad Dottie 2019.

Rebecca Monson


Donated in loving memory of our beloved Annabelle. Geneva, wishing you a long life of love and good health. The Mell Family

This is to aid Geneva in her recovery. If Geneva does not need all or some of it, please send it to whomever most needs it. Thank you for everything you do for these wonderful Frenchies. With great appreciation, Jen Stahl