Date posted: 3/24/19
Location: IA

New Frenchie Fortunia hasn’t been so fortunate up until now, but that’s about to change. This six(ish)-year-old girl was purchased off the internet less than a year ago, and surrendered recently to FBRN when the family who purchased her realized that her skin issues and intermittently absent house manners were more than they could manage with one young human in the house and another on the way. Fortunia arrived on FBRN’s doorstep with persistent yeast infections on her skin that have caused sores and discomfort. Poor girlie!

Fortunia has settled nicely into her Iowa foster home, and seems to love the resident canines, her new raw diet, and every human she meets. Foster mom reports that she is sweet as can be and likes to “hug” you with her paws, lay her head on your shoulder and take a nap. Be still our hearts! She is still working on her potty training, and foster mom says she seems to suffer from separation anxiety as well, so there is work to be done. But she is already off to a great start and we know it will just be a matter of time before she is polished into a French gem and all ready to send off to her forever home. We will keep you posted! In the meantime, if you’d like to donate to her care, click on the link above and make a donation. Let’s send some good fortune in Fortunia’s direction!


For Fortunia, may your transition be a smooth one. We honor our girl, Bear -gone too soon- by helping you. Shannon and Alan and Bear (RIP)