Date posted: 11/24/19
Location: GA

Give a warm welcome to our newest heartbreaker, Flora! Flora is just a sweet little thing at only 18 pounds and is just one year old. Her former owners surrendered her to FBRN when they realized they were not able to handle her issues with urinary incontinence. Despite corrective surgery for an ectopic ureter, she continues to dribble urine. When Flora arrived in foster care we got her some big girl britches and helped her get settled into her new life. She is currently working on potty training with her foster family and learning about the ways of the dog friendly kitty. So far she is getting along splendidly with the resident doggies in her foster home and the kitties are teaching her that felines are her friends too!

We will be taking little Miss Flora to our vet very soon to get her all checked out and find out more about her health condition. If you would like to sponsor this adorable little cow dog and help her purchase a few new pairs of pampers, she would just love you forever. To sponsor Flora, just click on the link next to her super sweet mug shot. She sends you all lots of love and Frenchie kisses too!


Nicole Hadeka

I hope you're doing well sweet girl and that your potty training is going great!! xoxo Lauren Lashute