Date posted: 9/24/17
Location: Iowa

Hang onto your hearts everyone, there's a new hunk in town.  Edwyn is a 4 yr old fawn fellow that found his way to FBRN. This guy is spunky and energetic. He did have a tendency to be anxious according to his previous owners. With time spent in foster care he is becoming more calm and a daily routine seems to help keep him at ease.  

Edwyn loves rides in the car, snoozing with his people, and playing with his fur friends. He is an enthusiastic snarfer of mini marshmallows and snuggler of people. His foster family is going to test the waters to see how he gets on with kids and other animals.  Edwyn is an itchy boy and his next vet visit will hopefully address those issues and find a solution.

If you have some extra change to give to a handsome fellow then consider donating some to Edwyn, he'd much appreciate it. All you need to do is click on the link to sponsor him! Thank you!


Hurry and feel better sweet boy .. You have your forever home to get to! Cara Weinrich Hill

Here's something towards helping you find a better life little guy. Also know that Deanna G. loves you! Andrew Gadson

eric taubel

Looking forward to seeing your handsome face on the adoption page Edwyn! Amy Hahn

Feel better sweet boy! Hannah

Sweet Boy, feel better soon! You look just like our Presley.. Hugs from RuggedWrist

We can't wait to see you on the adoption page, sweet boy! Sarah, Matt & Ike

Here’s a something hoping to help you get better.Theresa Leicht

Michael Smyth