Date posted: 7/14/18
Location: New York

Calling all baby cow dog lovers! (Again!!) That’s right, eagle-eyed Frenchie followers, we have another bovine-inspired Frenchie to introduce this week. Without further ado, meet Dumpling! This three-year-old pied boy is of the speckled persuasion, and holy cow is he handsome! Dumpling found himself in need of a new home when his previous owner developed health issues. We are thankful they reached out to rescue for help.

Initial reports from his foster humans tell us that Dumpling is settling in quite nicely. He is a sweet, funny, energetic boy who likes to hang out with his humans. He has also expressed great curiosity at the mysterious snuffling creatures being kept out of sight (for now), but will learn soon enough that those are just his brindle Frenchie foster brothers checking out the new kid. In the meantime, Dumpling loveslovesloves the back yard! Foster mom says someone literally has to carry him back inside every time he goes out because he has discovered the myriad joys of sun, fresh air, and zoomies and doesn't want to miss a minute of it. Dumpling does seem to get winded after those zoomies, so the vet will determine whether he might need nares and/or palate surgery to breathe easier.

For now, Dumpling is soaking up the good life, and we are getting to know him better. If you'd like to donate a little something to his piggy bank, just click on the link above and toss him a few coins. He would truly appreciate it, and so would we!


This donation is for your new foster Dumpling. Cindy Vazquez

Hello Dumpling. Your pictures make me smile. Some lucky petson will be your forever home. This is in memory of my beloved frenchie that you remind me of. Sonya

What a beautiful little boy! I wish you all the best settling in. DOREEN PALMER

Dumpling-we hope you have a wonderful foster experience and find your forever home! The Myers Family-Winston & Wyatt

Hi Dumpling, this is for you.

Chris Loera