Date posted: 3/3/19
Location: WA

UPDATE 10/18
Despite training and consistency, Dillard's foster family are finding that his indiscriminate aggression seems persistent. They are determined to continue with his training regimen, desensitization, and consistent boundary setting.

Handsome Dillard landed in an FBRN foster home after he became a resource guarder in a home with a small child. Dillard was very much loved and well taken care of by his former owners and is in very good health. Dillard is getting adjusted to life in his foster home and his foster mom is taking things slow with him.

So far in his foster home, he is still displaying resource guarding behaviors. Dillard's foster family is working on positive reinforcement with him and he is, very slowly, coming around. So far, he has become his foster mom's little shadow. She is hopeful that with a little time he will relax and let her re-program him a bit away from resource guarding as he gets more comfortable in his new surroundings. Dillard seems to enjoy going for walks but is displaying leash aggression and lunging at other dogs when on the leash.

Dillard recently had a check up and is in great health, but does have a referral for nares surgery evaluation, so stay tuned. He is also being transitioned over to regular dog after being fed table scraps in his former home. So far, his foster mom has been able to earn his trust and is able to put his harness on him for walks, and even gets a few quick kisses, too! She says he is a work in progress, but so handsome and sweet when he wants to be!

Dillard will be learning his manners in his foster home so that he can move over to the available page. If you would like to sponsor this adorable little stinker and help him on his way, just click on the link next to his adorable mug shot. He promises to be good and sends you all lots of love and Frenchie kisses.


Welcome to the good life, Dillard. xoxo Zoe and Rocco

Hi, I hope you are adjusting well and might consider being my brother in the future! I need another Frenchie who likes to play! I’m 3 by the way. Bailey

Julia Sowers

Treat yo self. All the love, Angel, Bentley, and Jon

To handsome Dillard. Hope to see you on available site soon. Elena Robinson

Hope you're doing well Dillard and able to be adopted soon. XOXO Alanna Stolp

So cute! Looks like he’s doing so well. Mollie Ochs

Alena Pavlichenko

Julia Sowers