Date posted: 3/3/17
Location: Southern CA

Hold onto your hats! FBRN’s is pleased to announce its newest arrival – a flirtatious ball of adorable energy who goes by the name of DiDi Munro! Only seven months old, Didi was surrendered by a family who had just added a new baby to the mix. That, plus long work hours, meant that DiDi wasn’t getting all the attention she deserved. Although heartbroken to give her up, her family knew she deserved better, and contacted FBRN for our assistance.

DiDi has been in her foster home for a little over a week, so everyone is still getting acquainted. But early reports from our top-secret “inside source” (Okay, fine. It’s her foster mom) reveal that DiDi is a “very happy little clown who loves car rides, long walks and hours and hours of playtime.” We are glad foster mom had the time to send an update, since it sounds like she has her hands full!

DiDi also appears to be a healthy little nugget (yay!) with only a spay and some fine-tuning in the house manners department on the horizon for now. We suspect it won’t be long before she begins the search for a forever family.

Until then, how about throwing a few bones her way? DiDi came to FBRN with nary a dollar in her pockets, and has been getting by solely on her good looks. (Typical!) Just click on the link above to donate on her behalf.





Teresa Caudle

Melissa Shank

Tammy Clemens

for DiDi!! Karen Keyser

Robert Contreras

For Didi from Lola

Greg Chamness

For whatever DiDi needs from the Willis family and our beloved Frechie, Strawberry.

Hope she gets some toys to keep her busy. Heather Soldonia

Hope you find a great home Didi! Mark Camacho

Michelle Baudean

For Didi from Duffy the French Bulldog

For sweet DiDi. From Beth and Beignet

Hi DiDi! Here is a little something for a toy, harness, or whatever else might be most pressing at the moment! Sorry it can't be more, but hopefully this will help a little bit! Take care. Xoxo from Mississippi Katrina Rushford


For Didi. Arlene Richards

Katie Coleman

Shawn Miller

Kim Duplex

Didi you are super cute!!Danielle Hughes

For beautiful Didi. With love from one CA girl to another. Kelly Brown

Hey sweet girl..we hope this helps to get you all ready for your new forever home. Love, Oliver the Frenchie

Meghan Read

From Cici and the Escudero's, hoping you have an amazing permanent home soon

Here you go Didi! We hope you can get a favorite treat or two. Enjoy Velazquez family in Orange County!

To DiDi from Darla Xoxo

For DiDi, beautiful girl! Get some toys and play, play, play! Love, Alicia and the crew

We hope these funds help a little. The Peña family is keeping an eye on you Didi

Dear Didi, The donations are for you a southern California gal. My 11 year old Elle told me I had to help you. You are exactly what I would want if I did not have my Elle who is a gold star. Carol Saunders

My Bronx says Happy Easter DiDi. Love Tiffany

Here you go sweet Didi! With Love from Amber, Kevin and Ruckus <3

Please take this donation and use it as you need. My heart says put it toward DIDI MUNROE, since she has nothing. I am just in love with that face. Karen Mills

Pretty Little DiDi, With the 2 donations, have your foster mommy buy you a pretty dress for when you go to your forever home. If I hadn't gotten my Lizzie recently, I would have loved to have you come live with me. Hugs and kisses, Jody, Jazzy & Lizzie

Jody Dunbar

Here's a little something from my rescue Frenchie, Simon. Sunfire Jewelry Designs

In memory of our rescue boy, Weston Patten-Ripple. We hope this helps in your new journey. Jennifer Patten

To help Didi on her journey. Love, Ripley Rieck (and her humans) 

This donation is for Didi in CA..for whatever she needs! love and hugs from my Ally and lola who just passed. Ana Caro