Date posted: 1/13/19
Location: Louisiana

Let's give a warm welcome to sweet Dasha. Dasha came to FBRN when she was taken in by a former FBRN adoptive family. She was given to them because her previous family could no longer care for her. Dasha is estimated to be 5 years old and previously had a couple of litters of puppies before she was spayed.

The good news is that Dasha is crate trained and potty trained, so she is a real Frenchie catch! Sadly, Dasha is heartworm positive. However, she is handling her heartworm treatments well, and though it may be a month or more before she is heartworm-free, it appears she will be healthy soon. She's reported to be allergic to fleas. We wonder if she has some food intolerances, and she is scheduled to be allergy tested. She's a touch on the skinny side--we should all have that problem. Dasha likes to test her limits, so requires firm boundaries and leadership. She has been known to pick a fight with other girls. We call that being a classic Frenchie bitch around here, but some girls are different. We hear.

If you have a soft spot for Frenchies or some extra change lying around, please consider donating it to Dasha. She'd be happy with more heartworm treatment or a new toy to play with while she waits for that heartworm treatment to take effect. All you need to do is click on the link to sponsor her. Dasha and all the volunteers at FBRN thank you!


For Dasha- Hope that heartworm treatment is going well and you get some special playtime! Erin Marziale