Date posted: 1/13/19
Location: DE

Welcome back, Dahlia! Miss Dahlia was adopted from us mid-last year, but, unfortunately, did not fit in well with her fur and human siblings in her new home. She is back with us for a mulligan.

Dahlia is a huge snugglebug and loves nothing more than to power nap in her human’s lap. She certainly has a mind of her own and will read your easy-going signals if you don’t have a firm hand with her. But as long as she knows who the boss is, she will cut the nonsense and challenges and be a sweet girl. A Frenchie diva is certainly nothing new in our world!

Dahlia will continue to settle into foster care and share her full personality with us. While she’s refreshing her Frenchie Handbook 101 education, she’s sure to need a buck or two to help with her care. Please click on the link to donate and don’t forget to let Dahlia know she has people out there rooting for her! She’s currently snoozing away, but she’s bound to wake up for a quick minute to say a pretty thank you!


Such a sweet face! xoxo from us here in Delaware :) Barbara Murray

Dahlia-don’t be sad there’s a great home waiting for you. Sending big wishes that you won’t have to wait long! Anne Robinette

Lillianna Arnett