Date posted: 4/8/17
Location: Virginia

Welcome Cosmo, a 6-year old dark brindle boy! His owner’s travel schedule meant that he was in his crate too much of the time, which was very hard for Cosmo, who is the classic Velcro dog who loves to be close to his people. So far, his foster family find him well-mannered, with basic obedience and a lovable personality. He loves car rides and short walks, but because of his history of heat stroke, they have been taking it easy. Other dogs will take some time to get used to, but he loves humans very much! Belly rubs, please!

Cosmo suffers from allergies. His foster family have been transitioning him to raw food to see if that helps with his itchy skin and they have started him on medication to see that makes him more comfortable. He will need to have his allergies and other medical issues looked at, and (cover his ears!) he will be neutered as well. If you would like to contribute to Cosmo’s care, click on his picture to sponsor him! Thank you!




Teresa Caudle

Cosmo- you are adorable! I love that you are a "velcro" pup! Eileen Whyte

Dear Cosmo - Best wishes for good health and future adventures! Love, Juli Pember & Coco the Frenchie

Russ Burger

Erik Krikorian

Such a handsome boy! Shannon and Ava Grayson Williams

Hi Cosmo. Hope you can get those itchies under control. The Joneses

Towards Cosmos care.Thank you for everything you do. martha tobo

Cosmo reminds me of my little man I had for 11 years! You take care little one... Doreen Palmer

greg stanley

Hi Cosmo its David and Jazmine we hope to see you soon little buddy.

You are one handsome devil-dog, Cosmo! Hope you will be available soon! Jubal '06 grad

Hope your itchies get better Cosmo! Don't worry about getting "tutored" it's just one class and you're done! Howell Young kids