Date posted: 9/30/17
Location: NY


We were surprised when Cooper experienced 2 seizures on Saturday.  He visited the vet and exams and blood workups were performed.  He was being treated for a presumed infection.  Wednesday night, he died suddenly. He is being necropsied due to the shocking, seemingly inexplicable nature of his passing. Preliminary results show nothing definitive and the CFS infectious disease blood panel was negative. If further results tell us anything, we will update this page.  Please join us in offering our sincere condolences to Cooper's foster family, who are very shocked and saddened at this loss.

O-M-Geeee! There is a new puppy in FBRN's care. Cooper came to FBRN when his previous owner couldn't afford the medical care that was needed for this cutie. Cooper has a case of Cherry Eye and it has been reported that he has suffered several seizures of an unknown cause. While in foster care, he will visit the vet to try and help get to the bottom of any health issues this little man has.

The good news is that even though there are some health concerns, Cooper doesn't let that get him down. He is very much a puppy and loves to use those little puppy teeth to chew on hard bones. Cooper loves being affectionate, gives kisses, and wants to snuggle. He's done great with potty training and no accidents in the house.

Cooper's foster fur sibling is anxiously waiting to meet this boy, but has yet to due to the slow intro policy. Cooper isn't interested in his foster home's resident cat. Cooper doesn't care so much about plush toys. On his walk he was scared by a squirrel that happened to run across his path, so we think he doesn't have much of a prey drive. Hopefully the vet will be able to get to the bottom of Cooper's health issues so that he can be on the road to a healthy life and new experiences.

If you have some spare change waiting to be used up, please consider donating to Cooper. All you need to do is click on the link to sponsor him! Thank you!




Cooper, you’re tugging at my heartstrings, little man! Debra Kennedy

Hsin Hsin Cheng

Cooper, this donation is made in honor of my amazing Sister-in-law Katie who loves Frenchies. She will be excited to be your first sponsor as you start a new life full of health and happiness! Nicole Christopher