Date posted: 11/4/19
Location: MD

Please welcome our newest handsome gentleman, Coleman. Better known as Cole, this four-year-old was surrendered when it became clear that his stubbornness and lack of socialization were too much for a young, growing family. Cole has a few things to learn about interacting appropriately with humans, but makes up for a lot of his indiscretions with his sweet face and irresistible snuggles.

On the medical side, Cole had a slipped disc a few years back, which was successfully treated with meds and rest. More troublesome for little Cole are his GI issues. He regurgitates multiple times a day and has had difficult days where he could not keep any food down. Scary medical conditions have fortunately been ruled out already and he was switched to a strict prescription hydrolyzed diet, which has all but resolved his regurgitation. He’s also dealing with some rashy areas on his tummy and between his toes which we hope will clear up with these food adjustments.

Cole is learning his manners and working on strengthening his physical body, but he has an adorable side that is endearing him to his foster family. He loves to snuggle with his humans and keep an eye on the daily shenanigans in the house from his perch. As Cole enrolls in Frenchie manners school and works on nutrition in foster care, please consider giving to his care. Click on the link to donate and leave little ‘ol man Cole a word or two of encouragement. He’s continuing to come out of his shell and show his personality each day, so we’re sure he’ll let you know how much he appreciates the support.


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James Aloi

Sherri Froeber

For Cole! Get well buddy! Matthew Holub

Inspired to donate after seeing Cole’s story. Wishing him a speedy recovery!! Kaiya Hull