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Date posted: 7/19/20
Location: Florida

Let's give a warm welcome to FBRN's newest gal, Chutney! Chutney came to FBRN when her owner could no longer afford the expense of her care. This almost 4-year-old, black masked fawn, Frenchie has a few things going on that will certainly keep her foster family on their toes. Chutney has allergies that need to be figured out, she needs to be spayed, and we heard that a little work on her housebreaking skills is in order.

Chutney seems to be taking her new scenery all in stride. Her foster home reports that she is not a morning gal, but otherwise seems to have two speeds, parked or full-tilt boogie! Her foster home will be finding out more about all the unique aspects of her personality while she is in their care. So far, everything is going well.

If you happen to have some extra change that didn't go towards a firework display, please consider donating it to this little firecracker! She could use some help with her spay and figuring out her allergies. Also, what girl wouldn't want a comfy new blanket or stuffy. All you need to do is click on the link to sponsor Chutney!


absolutely beautiful and I will be following the journey until ready for a forever home! I have a pup with allergies, needing medication and weekly special baths, so I get it!! You got this chutney!! Jennifer Scheitlin

Laurie Ognian

Dearest Chutney, Here's a little pocket cash for whatever goodies you may need. Welcome to FBRN! From the Lagans

As someone who deals with allergies too, hope this helps! Keep that fiery spirit up! Blair Troop

i love you chutney i hope 10$ will help you i'll never forget you - Ava (8 years old) :)

Flavia Lacerda