Date posted: 1/27/18
Location: Connecticut

Wouldja have a look at this black-masked, pint-sized perfection? Tell your neighbors to put in their earplugs, then join us in uncontrollable squee-ing over our newest foster pup, Charlize!

Charlize came to FBRN because her owner became suddenly and seriously ill, and was no longer able to provide the care that a growing puppy needs. We wish Charlize’s mom health and healing, and promise to find her sweet girl the perfect forever home, where she will be loved and cherished as a member of the family.

At just six months old, Charlize is remarkably laid back. Her housetraining, crate training, and leash training are still a work in progress, as are her basic commands, but she’s a clever little girl and is catching on quickly. She’s got “sit” down pat (well, most of the time, anyway), and “stay” and “down” are sure to follow. Of course, she’s already got Ph.D-style mastery of “snuggle,” “kiss,” and “blow people away with the sheer force of cute.”

If you’d like to sponsor this smoosh-faced sweetheart as we get her ready for a forever home, just click on the link above to donate and tell us it’s for Charlize. She will thank you with butt waggles and puppy-breath kisses!


we love you Charlize! xoxo marni burstein

Oh Lord, that's a cute dog. Michael Floyd

Donating for Charlize. She's absolutely adorable.  Custom Software Developers

Welcome Charlize!! pamela schreiber

A little something for such a beautiful little girl. -Jes, Jason & Frenchie Karl

Welcome Charlize! Too cute!! Ashley & Dale

Sending puppy kisses to Charlize from Kona, a 1 year old Frenchie in DC. Xoxo!

Char you are a cutie! Heather Shy

love her sweet face!!! <3 Laura Morales

Donating for Charlize!! She is so cute and has stolen our hearts!! Jacklyn Bruce

For Charlize, wishing you the best furever family. April Graves

Sending love! - Helena, Emilie, Teddy, & Jack G.

Such a cutie <3 Amanda Fagundes

Beautiful girl!!  -jenny k in CT

For Charlize. Maryanne Sorensen

Hey Charlize, This gift is from The Kaminsky's. 

Hugs & Kisses to Charlize! We love you! Jaimie Gossett

Arthur Carroll

Sweet Charlize!! My Toretto would love you!! Jennifer Fernandes

Charlize, you’re just a doll! CreatiVix Media

Good luck, Charlize! We are hoping you find an amazing forever home! Alana Flores

Hello Sweet Girl!! Charlize here is some coin to go shopping for cookies. Love Benny & Yoda

You are in such good hands Charlize! We plan on sending in an application for you once you are all set. A bully big brother could be waiting for you in NY! Sending much love <3 The Woods family

For Charlize- Jackson would love to have you as a baby sister :) -The Ratners

Just a little something to help you on your way. t dahlin

Welcome sweet little baby! Alexandra Giraldo

Just a baby! With that face you will find a forever home in no time! Mona Lipson

Charlize: a wee something for a wee beauty! From the Cino family.

Spoil baby, love you, would love to have you as part of my little family in Costa Rica. Ben White

A little something for Charlize. shannon bertino

You are the sweetest Charlize! XO Danika

For Charlize - we hope this is one of many gifts we can spoil you with! - The Keeshans

Cutest face ever! Hoping she gets to come home with me. :) Angelina Chavez