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Date posted: 9/20/20
Location: Wisconsin

Hey Buddy! This sleek, handsome boy has bounced around like a pinball over these past few months, so we’re thrilled to have him here at FBRN, where we can give him some stability and start him on the journey from frightened stray to pampered pet.

Earlier this summer, Buddy was found as a stray in rural Iowa. His owner was found, but never came for him, so Buddy was transferred to a different shelter and adopted out. Unfortunately, it seems that Buddy never learned how to be a pet, and his new owners were forced to return him after they were unable to manage his problem behaviors -- nipping, resource guarding, and corprophagia (which is the fancy-pants ways of saying he eats poop). In swooped our intrepid FBRN volunteer squad, and before you could say “no Buddy, don’t eat that!!” Buddy was safe in the arms of his new foster mom. (And while we’re on the topic, special props, kudos, and all things excellent go to Buddy’s foster mom, who drove a whopping 10 hours to spring Buddy from the shelter and schlep him back up to Wisconsin.)

Buddy is between 9 months and 1 year old, and it’s clear that he hasn’t had much love during that time. His problem behaviors stem from a lack of socialization, boundaries, and appropriate care—all of which he’s now getting in spades from his experienced foster family. Foster mom is using positive reinforcement to teach Buddy that mouthy and nippy behavior is not okay, and she’ll be helping him with his potty skills as well. It helps that Buddy is a pretty smart boy—he actually does know a few basic commands, but in true bulldog fashion, he only follows them when he feels like it.

It took foster mom approximately 2 minutes to learn that while Buddy loves playing with toys of all shapes and sizes, balls are his JAM. Tennis balls, rubber balls, nubby balls—he doesn’t discriminate, and he is always down for a game of fetch. When he’s tired himself out, Buddy loves to get pets and cuddles from the resident kids, although his people skills definitely need some work (sorry Buddy, but finger nibbling is not a good way to show affection). We are confident that with time, patience, and a loving hand, Buddy will learn how to be the goodest of all good boys, and will make a future forever family very, very happy.

It’s going to take some time for Buddy to overcome his problem behaviors, and you know that those balls don’t buy themselves. So if you’ve got a few bones to spare (literal or figurative), why not toss them Buddy’s way! He will be sure to thank you with a bark and a toothy Frenchie smile.



LOVE from Danielle, Greg, Tabitha, Mason and Axel

Sandra Quimby

Michael Rivers

Hi Buddy! Have fun learning to be a little gentleman! xoxo Erin Fischer

Hey Buddy. I hope you're feeling better. This isn't much but I hope it helps. You're a really handsome little guy. Richard Hong

sandy gormley

For Jessie S. on her birthday, lover of all Frenchies from Devin xoxo

Alexandra Comstock

siobhan davis

Buddy, you look handsome! I’m from Wisconsin, I would love to adopt you! -Nick

Buddy, use as much of this as you need and if you have any left over, send it to another Frenchie. You be a good boy and learn how to be the best Buddy ever so your forever person can find you and make you their best Buddy for life! Kathy and Pete McMurry

Hi Buddy! I was so glad to see you on the foster page, because finally a Frenchie close to me. I would love to adopt you we just lost our FBRN frenchie Carlton. We need someone to love and you would fit the bill perfectly. Brian Winters

Buddy, you are absolutely adorable! I look forward to watching you become the beautiful boy, I can clearly see that you are, coming to your time for a forever home! Ginger Thatcher

Hi buddy. I sure would love to meet you one day. kofi jones

Happy Holidays, Buddy! - The McCulloch Family