Date posted: 3/30/19
Location: PA

Hello to a good boy! Bon (“good” in French) is itching to settle in as a new foster dog--literally. Bon has serious skin allergies of the itchy, scabby, bald kind. He’s not letting that slow him down, though! This two-year-old has energy to burn, loves toys and chewing on sticks.

As a dog just out of his puppy stage, Bon has some manners to learn. He is supposed to be housetrained, but apparently the rules don’t apply when it’s rainy and cold. And when sticks aren’t available, he will go after whatever else he can find in the garden. But he’s not shy with his affections and will cuddle with you to make up for his naughtiness, and it won't be long before he is le mieux!

Bon has been to the vet to begin figuring out his allergies. He came into rescue with a considerable wardrobe, possibly so he won’t scratch at himself. He is now on a special diet and is taking medication to manage his symptoms and will need more vet visits before he is offered for adoption. To ease this process, click on Bon’s photo to sponsor this itchy guy! Thank you!


Hi Bon - Just sending a little help your way. Every little bit helps and we're glad to see you doing well! We wish you the best of luck in Pittsburgh! :) - Titus, Mae, Joe, and Jamie from Pleasant Hills