Date posted: 1/6/19
Location: NC

Let’s all give a big welcome to Bentley who found his way back to FBRN after about 10 years. His adopting family has had significant changes during that time and felt their environment was no longer the best for Bentley. We’re happy to help and thrilled to have this handsome gentleman back!

Bentley has already had his initial evaluation and the vet gave him a clean bill of health. He was on anti-anxiety and urinary incontinence medications. His foster family is slowly stepping back the anxiety medication and Bentley is doing great! We’re hopeful the he can be weaned completely off of the anxiety medication with no issue.

Bentley is a sweet and kind companion who will stay by your side whenever you are home. All he wants is to go for walks, car rides, and to be loved on! Bentley also lets you know when it is his bedtime by going into the bedroom and putting himself to bed. So cute! He is crate trained and when it is time for foster dad to leave, Bentley goes right into his crate with no problem. When foster dad returns, Bentley is lying there patiently. He’s a wonderful companion!

If you’d like to sponsor Bentley, just click on the banner above and send him a few kind words. In the meantime, he will be adding warmth to his foster home while waiting for the perfect forever family.