Date posted: 4/13/18
Location: MN


Baker was 10 years old and came to us in very poor condition. His quality of life was poor; he had early CHF, early Cushings, horrible skin, and he was incontinent. He began to deteriorate and foster mom concurred it was time for him to rest. 


Little old man Baker is 10 years old, and the unfortunate victim of a perfect storm of house, child, and vet expenses. Now he's here with us, loving his foster family and waiting for a home that will love him forever.

So far, we know that this guy is a cuddle-monster and hates being left alone. He seems to love his foster-humans and canine foster-siblings, although he still appears uncomfortable around younger children. His foster mom is keeping a close eye on him and working on his reactiveness around kids.

Baker does have a number of health issues, including apparent spine issues, skin allergies, hearing loss and possible Cushing’s disease. He still needs some follow-up treatment for his health issues, although his skin is already starting to improve with a better diet. Please click on his picture if you'd like to sponsor Baker and help him continue to improve!


With the same name, we just have to help out! Keep at it buddy. Erikka Gleckel

To Baker: Enjoy all the cuddles. You are so loved. - Anonymous

Us Minnesotans have to stick together. Feel better Baker! Sending love and belly rubs - Amy, Rory, and Margot

Baker, with love from Pork, Beans, Sprout, and Tom Tom. Stephen Fleming

Hey Baker, We're sorry to hear you're dealing with some health issues. We hope this helps you get some of the treatment you need, and hope our ongoing monthly help will get you back in action even quicker! We are no strangers to skin allergies, they are the worst. We hope some good eats, TLC, and a few vet visits have you on your way to your forever home soon!  Snorts & Love from a couple of Frenchies in Colorado,  Hank & Lola
Gregory Sorbello
In memory of sweet FBRN boys, Amherst and Baker from Lucy and Rosie Best.