Date posted: 4/19/19
Location: NJ

Look who just flew in all the way from Turkey (and boy are her paws tired) - it’s Arya! This sweet munchkin was rescued, along with three other pups from Turkey, so she could have a more pampered life with a family all her own.

Arya is a bit underweight and arrived with some battle scars but she’s not looking back. Surprisingly, Arya is housebroken and crate trained. She’s also showing off her super smarts by already having learned “sit” and “shake”. And she is so very sweet! Foster mom says, “Despite a rough start, Arya is a huge mush and is very trusting of people. She LOVES to crawl into your lap. Anyone's lap. She just loves you. And you. And you, too.”

She has no obvious health issues apart from having some slightly itchy skin and ears and is awaiting her spay surgery. She has been quite reactive to the resident animals so foster mom is taking it slow and time will tell whether Arya likes to mingle or would rather stay single. If you’re a fan of GOT (or even if you haven’t seen even one single episode like some of us), consider donating to Arya’s care. She will most definitely find your lap and sit on it in gratitude.


A little something for Aria. I hope to be able to meet her when she becomes available. Jasmina Kneselac

Welcome Arya ! Have a great time with Ellie and Bucket. I loved playing with them and your foster family. Love, Nuno(Mack)