Date posted: 11/24/19
Location: NC

Welcome Argus, FBRN’s newest foster! This delightful brindle boy has the sweetest grey face masking his youthful 5 years! Argus was surrendered due to his expensive medical care for what appears to be chronic allergies.

Argus is extremely affectionate; he loves to sit in his foster parents’ laps for attention and petting. While his family watches TV, he likes to burrow under their feet and use their legs as scratching posts! Foster mom reports that Argus has the cutest little dance when he wants to play. His favorite toy is a squeaky ball, and he is starting to show interest in the resident dogs of the house (even playing tug-of-war together!).

Thankfully, Argus seems to enjoy bath time and was very patient when waiting for his medicated shampoo to work, though he does not like his face and toes being touched. He is not a great leash walker, lunging and barking at passing cars. Foster mom is working on some of these not so great behaviors as Argus settles into his new home.

Once Argus gets his skin issues worked out and gets more practice walking on a leash, he will be ready to dance over to the available page. If you would like to sponsor this sweet boy, click on the photo next to his grizzled face. Thank you so much for your support!


Kevin Chronister

To sweet Argus. May you find all the cuddles you could ever want. MD

That grizzly little face! *swoon* Here's a little something to help with Argus' itchies. 3 Alicia Cervini

From your NC frenchie friends Otis and Luna

Sponsoring Argus in NC, so I can see more smiles on my love Rebecca's face! Neil Madaczky

Wishing the best for you. ATUM

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