Date posted: 6/2/18
Location: Ontario, Canada

Oh lordy. Brace yourselves for our newest black-masked beauty, Aminé.

This sweet older girl--we are guessing 10 or 11--is a bit of a hard luck story. She was surrendered to the local shelter by her owners after several months of unexplained diarrhea. Fortunately, the shelter reached out to FBRN to see if we could help, and indeed, we could! She is now in a wonderful foster home and on a daily regimen of medications and fluid therapy that we hope will resolve her diarrhea and return her to health.

So far, so good! Her foster mom reports that Anime is feeling better by the day. As you might imagine, she is somewhat underweight, and her teeth could use a good exam and cleaning. We know that time, love, veterinary care, and some good groceries will get her issues resolved.

However, one thing that needs no work is this sweet girl’s spirit. Foster mom tells us that “Aminé is nothing short of perfect. She is sweet, gentle, outgoing and friendly. She is calm and quiet but still has quite the spring in her step. Her eyes are bright and despite being left without medical care for months, she is resilient.”

Aminé is already well on the road to recovery, and we know it is only a matter of time before she fully blossoms into the beautiful Frenchie flower she was meant to be. Getting this girl back in tip-top shape won’t be quick, and will likely cost a few pennies. Aminé arrived on FBRN’s doorstep with plenty of love to share, but not a penny in her pockets. Could you help put some fuel in the tank for her recovery road trip? Just click on the link above and donate. Feel free to include a note with some words of encouragement. We’ll make sure her foster mom passes along those messages, and we will keep you updated as she gets her groove back. Aminé and the rest of us thank you!


To Amine's foster mom, it would appear she is a little love. Thank you so kindly for fostering her & getting her back to health. You deserve <3 for all you do. Chris Van Dyk

She is a sweet faced senior dog and I hope this helps see her become healthier. Alex Perkins

Praying for Amine. Hope she finds a loving home. Mary Anthony

For Amine’s care. Suellen McCrary

Feel better sweet girl! Shirin Mirsaeidi

For beautiful Amine from Rin & crew

I am going to follow amine closely. Fingers crossed she continues to thrive. Sally Wackerly

A little something to help Amine feel better, from CeeCee

Amine, you heart is so sweet. In memory of Meisha Rue. Chris Van Dyk